Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It was 9:00 pm. Ankitha was getting ready for dinner when the doorbell rang. She opened the door and was surprised to see 2 policemen.
“Mrs. Sharma”?
Madam, your husband has met with an accident. He is admitted in a hospital.
Ankitha stood speechless. She started to weep. The policemen felt sympathy towards her they comforted her and took her in the van.
On the way she began to think about Aneesh Sharma. Aneesh Sharma Her college mate, her best friend, her competitor and now her soul mate. They fell in love and after completion of their education, got married.
For last17 years they had led a very simple meaningful, normal life. But slowly things began to change.
Aneesh would come home late. He used to show his frustrations on her. She began to doubt Aneesh.
It was on one such occasion when she met Aneesh’s colleague in a grocery store.
Hello Mr. Kapoor how r u?
I am Fine, What about you?
I am also fine. Its seems the work is hectic
What! Who said this?
I felt it because Aneesh always comes home late and goes early in the morning.
I am sorry to say this Mrs. Sharma, Your husband has lost a job .It seems he and Anita were having affair.
This was the biggest blow in Ankitha’s life. In the evening there was argument, which led to quarrel, and suddenly Aneesh gave a tight slap on ankitha’s face.
After that incident both of them neither spoke to one another. A week passed. Aneesh felt guilty of slapping Ankitha n she felt guilty of starting the argument. Both never spoke.
One day when Ankitha was purchasing vegetables some one from behind called her. “Mrs. Sharma”.
She was slim, fair, beautiful not less than 30 years. Mrs. Sharma I am anitha. Her whole body began to drench in fire when she heard her name. But she composed herself and took Anita to a nearby restaurant.
After accusing and rebuking Anita she sat down n began to drink water, suddenly Anita spoke up in a calm and composed manner
Sharma Aunty you are like my mother. Infect as you said there was a relationship between and sir. Yes. He was, is still a father to me
It was he who found out that the guy with whom I was going was a rouge. He did not have any good character. I wanted to leave him but he did not leave me. He began to follow me wherever I went. When I told this to sir, he came to my rescue. Unfortunately the guy turned to be the MD son. It was because of this Sir and me were suspended from the company. And his son spread the rumor that we were having affair.
Every day Sir would come to my house in the morning to check my safety we would attend the interviews and in the evenings we would be back. He really felt bad for his behaviour. Luckily Sir got a job today in a reputed firm. I came to convey this
How do u know I am Mrs. Sharma?
Aunty, Sir always carries your photograph in his wallet. Then she spoke in a soft matured voice.
Aunty, the whole world may speak ill of him. How could you believe it? You know him from such a long time. Sir is what he was before. He is not changed .In fact when I was frightened or lost my confidence, he would tell about your strong determination, never give up attitude which would be an inspiration to me.
Sir is always yours, was always yours, will be always yours. Saying this she went away.

Tears came from Ankitha’s eyes. Tears of gratitude, Shameful tears. She let it flow. She remembered how she fought with him.
How could I face him? Anyways I will still beg for my forgiveness. He will forgive me or not? Thoughts kept on creeping in her eyes.
They reached the hospital. Mrs. Sharma I am sorry to say, your husband is in critical condition. This shattered her completely. Slowly she entered ICU.
Aneesh she said in an apologetic tone. I am sorry for what has happened. I am extremely sorry for hurting you. You are my friend, guide, philosopher, and my soul mate. I should not have trusted anyone except you. Please forgive me Aneesh. Will you? I am waiting for you
courtesy- Sudha


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