Monday, January 12, 2009

Got My joining!-Hurray!!

Dear Praveen,

This is with regard to our offer letter to you dated ******** **, 2007 (Ref: HRD/BT/*********)

The location of your initial reporting and training will be Mysore, India . The date of your joining would be March 02, 2009. The location of posting would be communicated to you upon successful completion of training. Company will solely reserve the right to make any further changes in the date of joining and you will not be given any option to extend the above mentioned date of joining.

Your Reference Number is: *******

You will be required to report at our office in Mysore on March 02, 2009 at 8.00 a.m. at the following address: Plot No. 350, Hebbal Electronics City , Hootagalli, Mysore – 570 018 Ph: 0821 – 240 4101. Accommodation details will be sent to you separately over email, 4 - 5 days prior to your joining date. We suggest that you start making arrangements for your travel at the earliest. The regular working hours will be intimated to you after you join.

The original Date of Joining letter with details will be sent to you as a signed hard copy to your address and should reach you in the next 10 working days.

The contact person(s) for you at Mysore would be ************ ******

Kindly consider this as an official communication from our end. You would be required to carry a copy of this mail with you when you join.

We look forward to having you on board.

With warm regards,


Infosys Technologies Ltd.,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sensex and the Down Fall.-An opinion

Sen sex has 30 companies in it,, and the points you see of sen sex are the average prices of those 30 companies registered under BSE, while nifty is national stock exchange and it is average of fifty companies. Sen sex has dipped to 10000 from 20000,, this means that many of the companies have lost half of their share prices.. This fall of markets is due to the immense selling pressure by the FII's, they are pulling out their money from here and so the liquidity has decreased in the markets,, and moreover due to the volatility of markets, new people are also afraid in entering the market.. So the volume of transactions are less, so the RBI is cutting down the CRR (credit reserve ratio), every bank has to give some percentage of money to the RBI, this is the reserve used by RBI, they had to cut down this ratio so that the more money will be circulating in the market and it will get rejuvenated,, they have injected around 60000 crore rupees in the market, world crisis are due to increase in crude prices,, the Lehman brothers rumored that the price will touch 200$/barrel and they artificially increased the prices, but their scandal was opened and thus the prices fell down all of a sudden resulting in their bankruptcy,, many big companies had their money in it and they also suffered the losses due to it's bankruptcy. so in order to have more liquidity and capital they are pulling away their money from every market of the world, if u observe then MN C's come mainly from USA, and if they start pulling away money then it will result in crisis. If u still have any doubt then feel free to ask me.. I hope u understood what u wanted to know.

Have anyone of you wondered that even though the American economy is falling down, it's value against rupee is increasing at a tremendous rate. Sub prime crisis does not occur in one day. If u give a close look at our market then u would come to know that to reach from 19000 to 20000 it took months of time,, but to reach from 20000 to 21000 it took only 49 trading sessions, i.e., 49 days.. This was done only to make more people invest in the market,, otherwise a normal market cant go at such a rate,, they pulled our markets up n then they suddenly threw it away.

Now talking about crude, it was Lehman brothers who rumored that the crude prices will touch 150$/barrel.. and this created a havoc among many nations and thus they went for buying, and it led to artificial rise in crude prices.. But their rumor was left open and the prices suddenly fell down resulting into a great loss for Lehman bros.. Crude prices were about 136$ and then they fell below 110$.. But, before three days of their filing bankruptcy,, Meryl lynch invested 17bn$ in it,, their investment was also choked up,, and they too had to file bankruptcy..

Now,, the FII's invest here in dollars.. when they book their profits,, we have to pay them back in dollars and not in rupees.. Many people lost their money in markets.. where did that money go? it went to FII's.. We pay them in dollars.. and here the demand for dollar is rising while the reserve is decreasing with the RBI,, n this is making dollar more powerful in terms of rupee.. Our economy is just being played.. The foreign agencies were successful in pulling out the maximum money from Indian public.. People opted in investing in markets,, rather than saving it. If u still have any ques u can ask.. because i think i may have missed somethings.