Friday, October 31, 2008

Pre-Induction Training

Dear Praveen

Infosys hosts the largest corporate ‘technical university’ in Asia, and our Global Education Center (GEC) at Mysore is the pinnacle of corporate training.

The Foundation Program (FP) Training was introduced at the GEC with the objective to develop expertise in specific technologies, methodologies, tools and processes.

In order to equip fresh campus recruits who are in the process of joining Infosys to adapt to the requirements of the FP training, we have launched the Pre-Induction Training. We are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to be a part of the Pre-Induction Training at Infosys.

The Pre-Induction Training will last four months and needs to be completed before you join Infosys. It includes four fundamental concepts of computer science - Programming Fundamentals and testing, Relational Database Management Systems, Unix, Introduction to Web Technologies and Networking. The training will be imparted through the e-Learning mode.

As part of this pre-joining enablement, you will go through interim assessments during this period and take a module level assessment at the end of every module.

Various training aids like power point presentations, lab exercises, e-Learning courses, self assessment questions, interim assessments and audio recorded sessions are provided to you. The subject matter experts will also clear the common queries on a particular topic at regular intervals through the Knowledge Forum.

We wish you the best for this program and please look forward to receiving further communication from us.


Education & Research Infosys Technologies Limited

Thursday, October 30, 2008

List of bomb blasts in India after 2005

Date- 2005 October
Place- Delhi, near New Delhi Market
No. Killed- 62

Date- 2006 March
Place- Varanasi, Railway Station & Temple
No. Killed- 20

Date- 2006 July
Place- Mumbai, Local Trains
No. Killed- 200
No. Injured-700

Date- 2006 September
Place- Malegaon, Mouque
No. Killed- 30
No. Injured-100

Date- 2007, February
Place- Train, India-Pakistan border
No. Killed- 66

Date- 2007, May
Place- Hyderabad, Mecca Mosque
No. Killed-11

Date- 2007, August
Place- Hyderabad
No. Killed- 30
No. Injured-60

Date- 2007,October
Place- Rajasthan, Ajmer Sharif shrine
No. Killed- 2

Date- 2008, May
Place- Jaipur
No. Killed-65
No. Injured- 150

Date- 2008, July
Place- Bangalore
No. Killed-2
No. Injured- 12

Date- 2008, September
Place- Delhi
No. Killed-15
No. Injured- >50

Date- 2008, October
Place- Assam
No. Killed-77
No. Injured- >200

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day becomes Night

Today is 5th october and 7pm as i write this post, it was a low day to start with as my day began at early morning 11am(ha ha). Me yarning to see that sun as risen 5 hours ago .. poor sun :-)
Woke up with yelling sound around, thank god those brisk working men around my street to ring me the alarm sounds. Was i working all night to be awake so late? No. As usual chatting, surfing, dreaming and all other sort of stuffs.
Awake no no to be precise half awake i dropped me out of my bed to begin the day which was half over by then. "Hi Mom,Good Morning" as i call she signs me the wash room! Awake finally Awake , ufff! after a face wash and brushing here i come to the Brunch(Break fast + Lunch).
2 Roasted Dosa is all it takes to give me a yawn aaaaaa! Stomach full so next? sleep which came unintentionally as i started to go round the News in the paper.
After a while..." Praveen , Praveen" a voice i hear so slowly . Light comes in my eyes as i open them to see my Mom saying " wake up its 2pm. As i opened my eyes wide ,it was my father saying those words.. :-)
So again the face wash and the Lunch and the Yawn aaaaa! Sleep !!!,Wake up!! Tea!!
Oh my god I don't have any more time left in this day to sleep ....
Finally its 7.20Pm by now as i come to the end of this post... am so awake an active that i can live without sleeping for the next two day.
Good Night(Day)

Friday, October 3, 2008

How is my work?

This picture was taken in a Chruch at Mysore, during a tour with my family i.e., Me,Dad ,Mom ,Sis ,Uncle ,Aunty and Nephew.
Now Not knowing what to do in waiting for the Date Of Joining(DOJ) from my company,have tried my hand at this photo Editing. Are you guessing what software i used for doing this? It was just done with the Paint Brush. :-) Did you like it? yes or no.....You got to tell me how is it!

My offer from infosys

Dear Praveen,

Congratulations on coming out a winner in our Campus selection process.

Securing a position at Infosys is more competitive than gaining admission to Harvard. Last year the company had more than 1.3 million applicants for full-time positions and hired only 1 percent of them (Harvard College, by comparison, accepted 9 percent of applicants) – Fortune magazine, March 2006 edition.

This comparison goes to show your tremendous achievement at such a young age. It is truly a reflection of your intellect and passion for excellence, to have made it through our selection process. We are pleased that you chose us to kick start your career. At Infosys, we strongly believe that people are our biggest assets and you are one amongst the best-in-class global talent which we take great pride in.

We at Infosys are referred to as ‘Infoscions', originating from the word ‘SCION' meaning – a family member or a descendant. Cool and capable in the most demanding situations, an Infoscion is known for caliber, competence and loves challenges. Finding innovative solutions is our way of life, characterized by an abiding loyalty to the company’s value system.

As this wonderful journey commences, a world of commitment, ethics, global diversity, teamwork and much more awaits you. We have drawn on the best of talent from campuses across India and aim to prepare you to take on the challenges of the industry. We will ensure that you have a smooth transition from campus to the corporate world that holds great promises and is full of opportunities.

We will keep this connect going and update you frequently with the latest information from our end. In case any of your friends to whom we have extended a campus offer have not been a recipient of this mail, kindly send us their mail IDs, along with their name and date of birth at: