Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day becomes Night

Today is 5th october and 7pm as i write this post, it was a low day to start with as my day began at early morning 11am(ha ha). Me yarning to see that sun as risen 5 hours ago .. poor sun :-)
Woke up with yelling sound around, thank god those brisk working men around my street to ring me the alarm sounds. Was i working all night to be awake so late? No. As usual chatting, surfing, dreaming and all other sort of stuffs.
Awake no no to be precise half awake i dropped me out of my bed to begin the day which was half over by then. "Hi Mom,Good Morning" as i call she signs me the wash room! Awake finally Awake , ufff! after a face wash and brushing here i come to the Brunch(Break fast + Lunch).
2 Roasted Dosa is all it takes to give me a yawn aaaaaa! Stomach full so next? sleep which came unintentionally as i started to go round the News in the paper.
After a while..." Praveen , Praveen" a voice i hear so slowly . Light comes in my eyes as i open them to see my Mom saying " wake up its 2pm. As i opened my eyes wide ,it was my father saying those words.. :-)
So again the face wash and the Lunch and the Yawn aaaaa! Sleep !!!,Wake up!! Tea!!
Oh my god I don't have any more time left in this day to sleep ....
Finally its 7.20Pm by now as i come to the end of this post... am so awake an active that i can live without sleeping for the next two day.
Good Night(Day)