Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yes he did!-Obama

America's next president Barack Obama said change is to come while in his campaign and here it comes, as he becomes the first African-American president . No one in the world seem to dislike him,winning with a landslide majority he proves that dedication and hard work pays.
He is gonna assume house in January 2009, as the world expects nothing but a "change" from him. Will he be able to control the economic recession?, the war at Iran/Iraq?, how is america's relation with other countrys gonna be? Answers will be soon realised.
After being elected as the next president , he assembled a team to help him.They are Cheif of Staff is Rahm Emaneul, senior advisor is David Axelrod,Transistion co chair is Valerie Jarret , John Podesta and Pete Rouse finally Press Secretary is Robert Gibbs .
Will these men with Obama bring us the "change" we need?
"Yes We Can"-Barack Obama...
Lets hope they do!!


Anonymous said...

i luv obama........yes he did!

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