Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TopList 10 movies of 2008, Holly wood.

1.The Dark Knight.
Directed by christopher nolan , released on july 2008.
2. Milk.
Directed by Gus van sant , released on december 2008.
Directed by Andrew stanton , released on august 2008.
4.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Directed by David fincher , released on december 2008
5.Frozen River.
Directed by Courtney hunt , released on october 2008.
6.Wendy and Lucy.
Directed by Kelly reichardt, released on 2008.
7.Gran Torino.
Directed by Clint eastwood , released on 2008.
8.Iron Man.
Directed by Jon favreau , released on may 2008.
Directed by Ron howard , released on december 2008.
10.The Wrestler.
Directed by Darren aronofsky , released on 2008.