Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rahul the Prime Ministerial candidate?

Rahul Gandhi is right choice for Prime mistership. I am not supporting his candidature for being the son of Gandhi family. He has the quality of good leadership. A few quality of Rajiv Gandhi, must be inherited to Rahul. However, I am giving more preference to Smt Sonia Gnadhi. She is best political leader of our country of the present era.But hee is the right bet for indian politics,its not age that matters for Indian politics rather its wisdom,calibre,Maturity to lead the country.
Lets atleast understand as age goes up one do not enhance his wisdom,its only greying of hair that happens. There are lot of people but Rahul Gandhi is the right choice becoz he is working towards it... PM post cannot be offered to ppl sitting at home munching chips and watching TV....
Talking about politicians, our country need young and dynamic blood which can lead the country in a better direction. More that 80% of the politicians are above 80, illiterate and lying on death bed. Do you think they can take nation to the right direction. And the funniest part, you can see then sleeping(Even PMs) during debates, conferences and meetings...Do you think that we need another sleeping PM or politician..Hence he has all rights for this post.Now India needs a national leader.Chances for absolute majority Government.We need stable Government.Senior leaders can help him.If he has clean hand and willing to do something for the people thats enough.