Wednesday, November 12, 2008


These are some of my pictures,just thought you would like it.Since this Blog was started i have received a big support from all of you(I mean all who is reading this).Thanks to each one of you who have come in , read my posts, commented,messaged in chat boxes and fans of this Blog.
My first post in this blog was at October 3 and with this post it counts to 13.
33 different countries have visited this site" says my Flagcounter , this isn't a good reach ah? With Indonesia forming about 50% of my traffic, followed by United States at 16%.You could see the total visitors in the counter at the right side.Comparing to where my Blog rankings where last week,it has now increased a lot( Technorati,Alexa).But am still confused that my Google Page Rank does not change from "0".
Thanks each and everyone for making my Blog a success.


cumie said...

hahaa... handsome man. but no girl inside wkwkwkw.. for ur pagerank, i think u need be patient, just study more n more, it will appear automatic :D just like how life go on hehe

Mom of Four said...

Everything takes time my friend. Congratulations that lots of people come visit your site. They make comment and leave message on your cbox. meaning, you have touched their interest.
Re Page rank? don't worry about it. Mine was NO.1 before, then I put PPP, and it went to ? a week after. NOw, I really don't care. I just enjoy blogging..

Budiawan Hutasoit said... Indonesia is yr best visitor..hmmm..
Page Rank?? who cares..*just kidding*..
be patient..
you will be surprised one day you will get PR2..
be patient..

the bottom line is : happy blogging!