Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sip the love-A story

Frank Willis was seated in a hotel and was sipping a cup of coffee. A beautiful young woman came and sat opposite to him.She too ordered for a cup of coffee.

Her face seemed somewhat familiar to him and he was wondering where he had seen her before?

Anyways, she was just another stranger to be forgotten soon.He placed the empty cup on the table and looked at his bill.His hand reached for his back pocket of his trouser.There was an expression of shock in his face as he searched his other pockets as well.

'Did you lose something?' She asked, looking at him curiously.

'Yes…my wallet' He replied, looking at her.

'And do you expect me to pay your bill?' She asked.

'I would really be grateful if you could do that favour for me' He said.

'You’re good at it' She said.

'Good at what ?' He asked.

'Lying!' She said.

'Come on, miss, I am telling you the truth and you are…' He said.

'Alright, let me believe you for a while…tell me, what was the last good thing you had done in the recent past ? If I am convinced then I will pay your bill' She said.

'Fine, it was sometime back when I was driving in my car in the freeway that I saw a car accident.The driver of the car was a female and her head had hit the steering of the car.She was unconcious and her pulse rate was feeble.I didn’t think that she will make it….' He said.

'Yes, continue…' She said.

'Anyway, I wanted to give one best try to save her life, so I rushed her to the hospital and I went to see her the next day. But, they had discharged her. Actually, I went to give back this chain to her' He said, taking out a golden chain with a pendent from his coat pocket and showing it to her.

'Nice story…you are almost the hero of it' She said 'And did you steal it from her?'
'Come on, Miss' He said.

'Just kidding. Tell me, if you meet her again then what would you do?' She asked.

'Well, I would propose to her' Frank said.

'Then will you marry me?' She asked.

'What?' He asked, shocked.

'Well, I'm that woman whom you had saved that day' She said, pulling her hair up and showing the mark of the cut on the right side of her forehead.

'Oh, I'm so glad that I finally found you' He said.

They were about to leave when the waiter took a wallet from below the chair, where Frank had seated so long and gave it to him.

'Oh, thanks' Frank said ' It should have fallen down when I had pulled my handkerchief out of my pocket'

Only Frank knew that he had dropped it deliberately and she grinned thinking that she was not the woman whom he had saved that day.

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